Learning Environment

The College believes that students learn better when they are interested in what they are learning.


The College believes that students learn better when they are interested in what they are learning and can see the relevance of what they are learning, “in action”, and connected to an industry they enjoy.

The College also believes in creating agency and developing responsibility within students, where they are trusted as young people nearing adulthood and where they learn in an environment reflective of the way people best learn at work – through experiences, support, inclusion, collaboration and sharing knowledge.

These beliefs are reflected in the learning environment we seek to create for students, in the following ways:

Curriculum and Program Design

We develop curriculum in consultation with selected sports industry and community organisations, to develop learning experiences that reflect the work of the industry and to develop the knowledge and skills required.


We expose students to industry experts, role models and experiences. With a focus on the sport and recreation industry, and relevant community organisations. The experiences include industry specific curriculum, work placements, real projects and volunteering.

Individual Development Plan

We work with each individual student to create unique capabilities and learner profile – the focus is to help students develop key attributes and transferable skills, and to provide opportunities to explore and test career possibilities.

Teacher/Student Relationship

We employ great teachers who have a passion for sport, who can build connection and trust with students. Our approach gives teachers the time to really get to know each student and to better understand their personal strengths, challenges, interests and goals.


We embrace our Islamic faith by prioritising and creating the time for students to explore this. The College aims for every student to have a strong sense of identity in a culturally and religiously safe environment.