The Islamic College of Sport was founded as a opportunity to support young people through education that is connected to the sporting industry and community experiences.


How we started

The Islamic College of Sport is an independent senior secondary school, established by the Bachar Houli Foundation to offer young Muslim students an environment where they can explore their faith and sense of identity while completing a holistic and applied education that is connected to genuine sports industry and community experiences. Students at the College study and receive the Victorian Certificate of Education – Vocational Major.

The VCE VM enables learning to occur in a more holistic manner, and accounts for the personal strengths, interests and goals of students. This means that we can develop curriculum and learning experiences that are in context and connected to areas of interest for students.
The Bachar Houli Foundation established its first program in 2012 and has been working with young Muslim boys and girls for over 10 years. The foundation delivers twelve unique programs that reach 5,000 young people annually, providing opportunities through engagement programs, employment, talent pathways and education. The foundation identified an opportunity to further support young people through sport in providing a unique education experience and using its existing brand to have a positive impact on each individual.