Our Programs

The College offers two program pathways, each taking a strength-based approach, and utilising the power of sport to create two unique educational experiences.


Years 11 and 12 students

The VCE now includes the Vocational Major, offering a 2-year vocational and applied learning program. This approach focuses on practical learning, tailored to each student’s strengths, interests, and goals.

Through the integration of VCE VM and Vocational Education and Training (VET), students gain firsthand experience in the sports industry. They participate in unique inductions, community events, and work placements, equipping them with skills for future education and employment.


Years 11 and 12 students

An elite program that will maximise the sporting potential of each student-athlete by providing them with tools to excel both on and off the sporting field.  You complete the program while attending school. 

This program is developed and designed by experts and athletes in the field.

It is designed to help each student-athlete reach their sporting goals through personalised development programs, individually tailored for them, in a positive and interactive environment.  We also design the program to ensure it complements and adds to any existing pathway program that you may be in.